My first trip to middle America

Having been born in NY, raised in Boston, and now living in San Fransico, I hadn’t had a lot of opportunities to travel of the parts of the US bordered by shore. Although Chicago can’t really be determined as a true part of middle america…it was a good place to meet j, r, and e who were in Boston and Detroit respectively.

Since it was the first time in chicago for many of us, we spent a good portion of it just walking around and getting a lay of the land. a few things are big in chicago: sports, and beef. These two interests sometimes co-incide as we found many of the restaurants had sports themes, or sports-related owners, two of which we tried: Mike Ditka’s, and Harry Caray’s. Portions in this town were in general huge, and well prepared. We also had deep dish chicago pizza in the original Uno’s! Unfortunately one place we missed was the restaurant of charlie trotter, c’s favorite celebrity chef. Just an excuse to go back for a repeat visit–hopefully when the weather is a bit warmer.

Chicago is certainly a windy city. Temperatures were in the 30’s to begin with, but the windchill made it worse, cutting through my clothes and swirling around my nose and inside of my ears. There weren’t that many trees so sometimes walking across those unprotected fields and plazas brough up images in my mind of eskimos crossing tundras in the snow and blowing wind. I probably fared the worst out of all of us, though–the bay area really has made me soft! Anyway, check out some snaps!