I heart NY, Part 2

The thing I love most about new york is the abundance of character you can find in the simplest of things. While gentrification is a fact of life and encourages efficiency and sets expectations, I find that New York is one of the places where the lack of standardization is mostly delightful. For one thing, some of the best ethnic food I’ve had, including even chinese, I’ve found in New York. it’s almost as if they took the best of what the world has to offer and stuck it all in one city for me to discover and enjoy.

My second trip was also characterized by an abundance of walking, and it was during this trip when I discovered the “video” function on c’s camera. Magically, both the sights I encountered as well as the sounds were captured in small new york moments to share. highlights included:

– discovering some new boundaries of chocolate, and trying to keep it unmelted in the hot july weather
– the complex simplicity of the guggenheim, the speechlessness of the media exhibits at the whitney
– “documenting” the purple couple and our antics trying to do this while being surreptitious about it…
– Seeing one of tony bourdain’s old haunts
– the cheezy, buttery, sinful corn at cafe habana, fresh pita bread, olive oil gelato and the best pearl tea ever
– seeing s and “Sacha’s Castle” which she’d always told me about
– Running as the clock ticked down, off the commuter rail, and towards the water, through crowds, and eventually finding a spot behind an overpass near the united nations to watch fireworks!

See for yourself–
Day 1: images, washington square park,
Day 2: images, inside the guggeheim, about that carpet: article & video,
Day 3: images, fireworks 1, fireworks 2, fireworks 3, fireworks 4
What lightning looks like from 30,000 ft

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