I like cooking, but the effort which material acquisition requires is usually something I’ll only expend for special occasions. One instance that I am especially proud of was for m’s bday. After planning surprise parties, costume parties and various other productions, I was happy to do something a little more chill. The polls are out but I think he was happy with the results. 🙂

On the menu that evening was rack of lamb (difficult), moroccan couscous with mint (medium), grilled asparagus & tomatoes (easy) and a fruit pavlova which we invited friends over to share. The pavlova was not so much difficult as tricky as I didn’t whip the cream enough to really hold its shape. In any case, the results were not the prettiest but it still tasted damn good.

In contrast to the “liberated woman of the 90’s”, I find cooking to be therapeutic and a great way to see results with minimal effort. There’s a certain satisfaction which comes from investing just a few hours of work so that people you care for can enjoy a good meal.

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