One of mike’s favorite things is french macaroons.  Today it was meyer lemon macaroons with lemon white chocolate filling, and chocolate macaroons with coffee ganache filling.  I loosely followed the recipe in Martha Stewart’s magazine, and it was completely simple to do.  That small bag of almond flour has been burning a hole (not literally) on my kitchen counter wanting to be baked into something!  I also made Financiers, and they were too small and dry.  Man, the more I bake the more I realize how much butter and fat make those bakery bought cookies taste so good.  With financiers, you literally have to coat the baking pans with butter or they don’t take on the right spongy, soft consistency and nutty fragrance!  I used silicone pans today so thought I could cut some of the fat out of the recipe by skipping the pan buttering part, but some the financiers ended up like crispy cookies.  Ah well.  they still tasted good. 

 Speaking of silicone, I am floored by silpats as the macaroon halves did not stick to them!  the last time I made raspberry macaroons, I spent a good half hour peeling the halves off the wax paper I’d used.  this way is much better.  🙂

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