Started off as “Thrifty”, ended up being “Green”

I just commented on a BlogHer Thread “What green practices are you most proud of?”.  Thought I’d share my comments here:

I started doing most of these things because I don’t like waste.  Yet the side benefit is that they’ve turned out to be great for the environment!

– Reusable shopping bags:  I snag a ton of these from the annual conference my work hosts, and use them religiously during my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s. It’s tricky getting them back to the car and have a tendency to clutter up the hallway, but it’s worth it.

– Reusing Glass containers:  Glass jars of all sizes are no longer recycled, but washed and occasionally goo-goned, then used as storage for all kinds of food.  This has the side benefit of not leaching plastic into the stuff I eat.  I even use a glass VOSS bottle for my water bottle, which is handy because it can be tossed into the washing machine and kept clean!

-Communisty Supported Agrigulture (CSA) box: this started off as a bid to get more veggies into my diet, but has had the side effect of giving me a greater appreciation for unprocessed food.  hubby and I go through a box of these veggies with just the two of us, granted, veggies make up the bulk of our diet these days.  Cooking all of these vegetables has also encouraged me to stretch my cooking skills, and I now bake my own wheat bread for sandwiches as well (although still looking for a recipe which will deliver the soft and chewy results of store-bought!) You can find a CSA Box as well at

You can see the actual post at BlogHer.

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