Hi, Steve Jobs

Check out this funny blog written by (Someone Impersonating) Steve Jobs. It’s pretty brash, but I imagine something pretty close to the actual truth. I especially love that entry about Larry. although I think that since they’re friends it would be a bit more kind!

So here’s the idea….

Hey folks,

Yep, I finally joined the 21st century. Check it out! and come back often since I think the posts will be frequent until I catch up. For some of you, this’ll be like a walk down memory lane. enjoy.

If anyone is a blogger expert–let me know! I have questions that I can’t seem to find answers for…

Party on Oracle!

The one and only party I’ve been to at Oracle’s expense was a 10g release party, which was held by the server tech (the profitable) division. they rented out San Francisco city hall, and decked it out with food, entertainment, and music. They had different rooms with musical and food related themes, but I remember many of them being pretty loud. Entertainment included cultural dances of various nations, including a dragon dance with the dragon throwing out candies at the audience!! All in all, I always love an excuse to get dolled up in formal wear, so it was a fun time.